Sapphire Acoustic Fixed Frame Projector Screens

Our Acoustic Fabric Weave is a far higher quality screen fabric than the other acoustic fabrics on the market - you can hear and see the difference ! 

For the audiophiles, or anyone wanting a great solution for hiding speakers in a discreet location, This is a great solution. Boasting the best acoustically transparent weave screen material 


The Sapphire acoustically transparent fixed frame projector screen is the perfect solution for dedicated applications and is designed to go in front of your speakers.


You will achieve the ultimate cinema experience in the comfort of your own home.

This fantastic woven creation has 92000 micro holes per square feet, this results in an outstanding sound transparency. The unique woven structure is designed to be 4K compatible. 

  • Perfect for dedicated applications.

  • Woven fabric, perfect for positioning speakers behind to create a cinematic effect.

  • This screen is ideal for Ultra/short throw projectors.

  • 8cm black velvet frame all around.

  • Front projection.

  • 0.8 gain.

  • This screen is perfectly flat due to the tension creating a flawless picture. 

  • Rail mounting brackets for easy installation.

  • Excellent Quality - We stand by the quality of our products by offering an outstanding 3 year warranty.