Motorized Floor-Up Screen

The perfect solution if you are unable to install a screen on the wall or ceiling. No installation needed, just plug and play.

● Anti-Clamping Mechanism

This screen also offers the safety and usability features expected from a Sapphire Screen. For example, an integrated anti-clamping mechanism prevents injury or damage to the screen when an object interferes with the screen during its operation.

● Inbuilt Tool Box

A built-in tool box contains all the necessary accessories such as a remote control, power cord, and infrared extension receiver.

● Motor System

The low noise durable motor allows the dual diamond-shaped structure to rise. The design of the dual diamond-shaped supports working in perfect sync with the motor's power distribution created a balanced and sturdy support for the screen. With this synced system, it helps to prevent any folding, creasing or twisting of the screen when in use.

Control Options

● Infrared Remote Control

The fabric adjustment and micro control can be achieved by controller, the remote distance is 8 meters.

● External Infrared Sensor

Infrared receiver increases the remote range of motorized screens.

● Manual Cycle-Switch

  • All Sapphire Screens are supplied with a picture enhancing black border which will frame the image for an excellent viewing experience.

  • Supplied with an Infra red remote control and Infra red extender.

  • No installation required.

  • Dual scissor arms to provide support and tautness to the fabric.

  • Stylish black casing.

  • Excellent Quality - We stand by the quality of our products by offering an outstanding 3 year warranty

Fabric specifications:

Sapphire's matt white fabric is composed of triple ply fibreglass laminate which helps prevent wrinkles and waves. The screen fabric consists of a special material that helps prevent the loss of light, making it compatible with non short throw projectors. Our screen fabrics are designed to be fire, water, and mould resistant and can be cleaned if necessary. The top layer of the fabric has microdots that are made with PVC technology that helps create the best possible reflection.


The 1.1 gain reflects the same amount of light back that the projector produces achieving a true cinema experience. 


The back of the fabric is completely black enabling you to put this in front of a window.


Sizes & Screen Formats