A New Cutting Edge Experience

As projection technology has advanced, the ability to project into a precise space has become the norm.  Thus, it is no longer mandatory for a wider frame to be used to absorb offset projections. Sapphire's Edge 4k Fixed-Frame screens offer another beautifully designed option to its collection.  


With a frame that only measures 12mm in width, it's designed to maximize your viewing experience while minimising installation space.

  • Perfect for dedicated applications.

  • This screen is ideal for Ultra/short throw projectors.

  • 3cm black velvet frame all around.

  • Front projection.

  • 1:1 gain.

  • This screen is perfectly flat due to the tension creating a flawless picture. 

  • Rail mounting brackets for easy installation.

  • Excellent Quality - We stand by the quality of our products by offering an outstanding 3 year warranty.

Fabric Specification


The fabric used is a special designed PVC material to help capture a flawless and outstanding image. The screen is coated with micron diamond optical microgrooves to help produce a 4K resolution.