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The ambient light technology has arrived and is the perfect solution for bright or natural light environments. With a similar picture to flat panel TV's, these Sapphire 100/120inch diagonal ambient light fixed frame screens provide a colourful and vibrant image to enhance your viewing experience at a much larger scale. The fabric has been designed to reflect the projected image, promoting the deep black levels and vibrant colours while absorbing the ambient light to prevent the image from fading. The tensioned structure ensures the fabric is perfectly flat creating a flawless cinematic experience.

Finished with a black satin bezel giving a TV like appearance. The Sapphire ambient light fixed frame screen creates the ultimate viewing experience with a stylish, modern look. The perfect and neat solution for any dedicated home cinema or games room, day or night! Making TV, Gamers and Sports fanatics a dream come true!

The beauty of this screen is that it's not only designed for home cinema, this can be used for other applications such as Corporate, Board rooms, Pubs and Clubs.


This Super Stylish Screen is suitable for use with Ultra Short Throw Projectors. The projector must be placed at the bottom of the screen no more than 35cm away from the screen fabric.

  • Specialized screen surface.

  • Perfect for dedicated applications and bright environments.

  • Aluminium Frame.

  • 12.5mm Bezel.

  • Rail mounting bracket for easy installation.

  • 0.42 gain for exceptional viewing angles.

  • 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen)

  • Excellent Quality - we stand by the quality of our products by offering a 3 year warranty.

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