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Sapphire Portable Pull Up Projection Screen




Ideal for home cinema applications where a fixed screen isn't possible. Our sapphire pull up screen range gives you complete flexibility to take your movie set up anywhere to enjoy a true cinematic experience.

Sapphire portable screens :

  • Setup in seconds

  • Ideal for home or office use

  • Ideal for any portable application when a fixed solution is not needed/suitable

  • Attractive aluminium casing

  • Black border to improve the perceived quality of the image

  • Integrated carry handle for easy of use

  • Scissor or pole mechanism for simple set up and can be raised to a comfortable eye viewing level

  • Available in 4:3 and 16:9 formats

These sapphire projector screens have been designed for maximum portability, where the screen comes with its very own integrated aluminium carry case and handle.


When the screen is required simply turn out the legs to stabilise and pull the screen from its casing, The scissor action mechanism holds the screen in place. 

The scissor action mechanism makes the screen incredibly simple to use. Once the button has been pressed under the carry handle, just pull the centre of the screen up to the desired height and the screen is held in place.


Once the presentation is over, just push the screen down into the carry case and off you go!


The Cost Effective option for this would be the Pull up screen with the telescopic pole, Simply turn out the 2 feet to stabilise the screen and turn the horizontal supporting pole, vertical and attach the fabric fitting to raise and lower the screen to the desired height while this does require some assembly it still produces the same fantastic result as the premium range and is easy to use.

feet of Sapphire Portable Pull Up Projection Screen

Excellent Quality - We stand by the quality of our products by offering an outstanding 3 year warranty.

Sapphire Portable Pull Up Projection Screen back view scissor action
Sapphire Portable Pull Up Projection Screen back view telescopic pole


Sizes & Screen Formats

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